How much weight does the Movexx pull?
1000 kg. (if the floor is smooth and the wheels are big you may reach a pull capacity up to 1600 kg.)
How much weight does the Movexx T2500 pull?
Is this the tractive power or the weight of the car?
Aceasta se refera la puterea de tractiune de 1000 kg pt T1000 si de 2500 kg pt T2500.
Is it possible to transport products on a pallet?
Nu, se poate doar impinge si/sau trage obiecte pe roti.
What is the using-time of a battery?
An average of 8-10 hours. (To load in orange)
Can you change the battery?
Da, majoritatea clientilor cumpara cate 2 baterii.
Up to How many trolleys/barrows can you put behind the Movexx?
That depends of the weight. A client of ours put on 9 troylles with laundry behind.
Is he also able to pull flower/plant trolleys (the so called Denmark trolleys?)
Which angle of inclination can the machine take on full power?
15˚ degree
Are the machines rain resistant?
Yes, this is no problem. If you want to hydraulically clean the machine then you can buy the stainless steel free motor cowl to protect the motor
How does the machines works in the snow?
There is a possibility to buy an anklet for the driving wheels so that they don’t slip
What is the difference between a rubber and an air tire ?
Standard the machines are delivered with full rubber tires. If there are problems with the briefs we change them for air tires.
Are there also non-marking tires?
Yes, as well in full rubber as in air tire
Can you customize up to our needs to connect our trolleys/barrows?
Yes, we are able to design and produce for almost every situation a “hook”.
Is it possible to deliver batteries in our company colour?
Yes, as from 50 pieces we can produce them in your company colour.
Is it possible to advertise on the battery?
Yes, with use of silk-screen print or stickers
Is there a stainless free version for the food industry?
Do you have connectors to connect cars?
Yes, we have different standard connectors and we usually find a solution for your situation.
Where can we use the Movexx Bully?
In many markets and sectors. For example in hypermarkets, in DC”s in trucks/trailers, in de (food) industry in warehouses and homes, in egg farms etc.
Everywhere where rolling products are you can use the Movexx.
What is a DC Motor?
DC stands for direct current. This means that you can never receive an electric shock from the motor.
Which treatment do your products get against corrosion?
At first the steal is going to be electrolytic galvanised and then powder coated

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